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Are you suffering with long term pain? Are you in need of rehabilitation from injury or surgery?

I deliver professional specialist muscular therapy and high quality personal training to help you recover from injuries or surgery.

I assess and treat the body as a whole unit to find the underlying causes of your pain and use a range of soft tissue treatment to help you recover.

Personal training with functional movements that are relevant to the real world are at the forefront of my care. I will help you to make significant gains in stability and strength to keep you out of pain and discomfort.

For athletes wishing to take their training to the next level, my specially designed training programmes will give you the edge you are looking for.

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Examples of common conditions that I treat:

• Back pain

• Postural issues

• Core stability issues
• Post childbirth issues

• Sprains

• Strains

• Sciatica

• Carpal tunnel syndrome

• Shin splints

• Rehabilitation from surgery

• Tennis / Golfer's elbow

• Shoulder impingment

• Upper Cross Syndrome

• Lower Cross Syndrome

• Oedema

• Headaches and jaw pain

• Plantar Fasciitis

• Whiplash

• Breathing pattern disorders

and many more...

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Are you experiencing muscle tightness / soreness?

Injuries, musclular imbalances, poor exercise technique, poor posture, too much sitting, surgery, childbirth and a variety of other reasons can lead to dysfunction within the body. These dysfunctions can lead to pain and if not addressed correctly they can lead to long-term (chronic) pain.

Your body works as a whole unit, not individual parts. I assess the body as a whole unit to find out the underlying cause(s) of your pain. Treatment that is specific to your body will then be applied to correct any imbalances that you may have and help restore health to the body.

Your body then needs to learn how to take care of itself.

Long-term prevention of injuries and how to correctly rehabilitate your body can then be achieved through appropriate and progressive stabilising and strengthening exercises.

Find out more here:

5 Staged Treatment Plan